Crestron DM Products allow Knight Automated to Modernize your workplace.

May 9, 2012   //   by Knight Automated Electronics   //   Portfolio  //  No Comments

With Knight Automated Electronics, we strive to bring you the most state of the art office and living spaces.  Recently Digital Media products from Crestron have allowed us to integrate Jupiter Medical Center’s Raso Building into a state of the art presentation and learning center. Doctors and students alike can now view presentations on a number of screens, Teleconference live with video, and route a connected laptop or mobile computer to any display screen. Touchpanels outside of each classroom allow you to schedule meetings and classes with ease. A state of the art training room has been outfitted with “Smart Board” displays, making visual aids easier than ever to display as well as be annotated on the fly.

Other Hospitals, Universities and Entertainment Halls are now using Crestron DM products to bring their facilities to the next level. Here is a short video by Davenport University explaining how they integrated this cutting edge technology into their facilities.

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