Peace of mind with Camera Systems from Wirepath

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Knight Automated offers the latest technology in Digital Video Recorders ( or “DVR’s”).

This device, when installed with a camera system in your home, can record long periods of video for security purposes. Motion activation, Security System Integration, and Remote Viewing are all features of the latest equipment from Wirepath DVR’s. Featuring equipment that will support anywhere from 1 camera to 16 and more, Wirepath DVR’s are today’s most viable and reasonably priced video recording equipment.

Wirepath Features:

Watermark Digital Security:

Optional digital watermarking is available to ensure video integrity and protect against tampering. If a downloaded clip has been altered, the PC-based playback software will alert the user with a message when the file is opened.

Multiple Archive Options:

Picture this scenario – you’ve just been robbed and the police are on-scene to investigate. Do you really want to fumble with a computer to download videos from a DVR? Wouldn’t it be easier to find the content on the DVR, record directly to a DVD disc or USB thumb drive, then hand it over to the authorities? Now you can! You can also manually backup your recordings to a remote PC or FTP server.

Call Monitor:

Many commercial and retail installs require a dedicated feed for security or receptionist monitoring. An independent call monitor output gives the ability to create customized views specifically for this output. To prevent system access and tampering, the setup menu is disabled through this output.

Video Loop Outputs:

You know those “Smile, you’re on camera!” signs you see in stores? A video loop output from the DVR is perfect for forwarding along a single camera’s video signal. This is also idea for whole-house video distribution systems where the cameras will be displayed on TVs or touchpanels.

Flexible Recording Triggers:

The system can start recording based on motion detection or predefined schedules (after business hours for example). There are also external trigger inputs to record when alerts are received from security and fire/safety systems or dedicated sensors. Plus, video loss on one camera can begin recording on other cameras to ensure nothing was missed.

Expandable Storage Options:

In some applications, like in a retail environment or vacation home, you may find you want additional storage to extend the number of days’ recorded video. The easiest way to add storage is to simply plug in any ESATA drive to the connection on the rear panel. There is also a free internal drive bay with included cables for system expansion.

Email Notifications:

You could hover over your DVR watching cameras all day to see if something was amiss – but wouldn’t it just be easier to get an email with an attached screenshot? With event-based alerts, you can create custom notifications for motion detection, alarm triggers or system diagnostics such as a hard drive failure.


Some other guys want to charge you for the privilege of accessing your DVR remotely. Isn’t that the whole point? With Wirepath, use your computer, or FREE iPhone®, native iPad®, Android, and Smartphone Apps to view cameras while at the office or on the go.

Here are the details:

Live View: See who’s doing what in real-time on any camera connected to the DVR. Both full screen and matrix views are supported.

Playback: Want to see what time Junior came home? Just search for the appropriate time and playback at up to 64X speed!

Setup: Need to make changes to the DVR remotely? Use the PC-based user interface to adjust system settings from anywhere in the world.

Dual Stream: Compensate for low bandwidth networks on-the-fly by choosing the extra stream for faster performance at slightly reduced resolution.


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