Elk Security

It’s all about peace of mind…

When you think of a security system you expect the system to help prevent theft and deter intruders by providing protection of the perimeter of the home or business as well as protecting the interior.  Using a combination of door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, shock sensors and more an ELK M1 system provides comprehensive intrusion detection.  With our modular approach to system expansion, the ELK M1 system is the perfect fit for all installations, big or small.

Even if you need to install a system in an existing home or business, we have you covered.  ELK M1 systems can support a large number of wireless sensors making it easy to install without the need for new wiring.

ELK’s systems provide more than just security.  We also provide safety by detecting a variety of hazardous conditions such as:

      • Fire

      • Carbon Monoxide

      • Water Leaks

      • Hi/Low Temperatures

Elk systems can provide a quick access to emergency medical services in the event of an emergency to give you peace of mind and provide independence for elderly loved ones.

Detecting these undesirable events is only half the story.  In order to be truly effective, the security/safety system should be monitored by a Central Monitoring Station.  In the event of an alarm the central monitoring station is notified and responds to the alarm and contacts the appropriate emergency services.

By adding two-way listen in, the system can provide the central station with automatic verbal verification of the alarm, helping prevent unneccessary dispatch of authorities which can be embarrassing and costly.

Enhance security with video surveillance by initiating video recording in the event of an alarm.

Security and safety go beyond detection and reporting of intrusion and hazardous conditions.  By incorporating lighting control, it is easy to light exterior pathways and interior spaces such as stairways based on motion, system arm state, or with convenient wireless keyfobs.

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