Peplink Networks

Peplink is the leader in Internet equipment solutions. Peplink products have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of clients from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance internet reliability, and reduce costs.

Peplink believes that quality, innovative products, and passionate customer service can help everyone experience a better Internet.


Balance Routers


Smarter Router. Faster Internet.

The Peplink Balance features up to 7 advanced load balancing algorithms that distribute network traffic among all connected links for faster, more responsive networking. When you want more speed, just add more links: up to 13 DSL, cable, satellite, and 3G/4G/LTE connections, all balanced and optimized with our outbound traffic manager and DSL/Cable Optimization Technology. You get blazing quick performance that scales on demand and automatically adapts to even the heaviest network traffic.


The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN router lets you transparently connect up to 13 Internet links to your existing network. All traffic is automatically balanced and optimized by intelligent algorithms.


Uptime. All the Time.

Peplink Balance Multi-WAN routers combine up to 13 Internet connections for speed and redundancy, and our health check feature monitors connection status and automatically reroutes traffic around trouble spots. For even greater reliability, use a pair of Balance routers in 1+1 Backup Mode (High Availability) to keep your network up and running in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Cut Costs. Boost Performance.

Why pay for T1 lines and other costly connections when the Peplink Balance gives you more speed and greater reliability using inexpensive cable, DSL, cellular, and satellite links? MPLS users can step up to Peplink’s patent-pending Site-to-Site VPN to save on both connection and equipment costs.


Rugged Enterprise Networking. Up for Every Challenge.

The AP One family of access points is engineered with today’s increasingly distributed and mobile enterprise in mind. Packed with business-class features and housed in rugged enclosures that withstand vibration and temperatures from -20 to 65°C, AP One access points deliver dependable and fast performance both indoors and outdoors — even in extreme environments. TruePower RF technology eliminates dead spots and interference wherever you deploy your network, and every channel runs at full power to give you greater Wi-Fi coverage with less equipment, maintenance, and cost.


Focus on Your Business. Not Your Network.

Peplink engineers dedicate themselves to bringing you plug-and-play enterprise networking that never sacrifices advanced features or flexibility. Just drop any AP One series access point into your network, configure with a few clicks, and you’re up and running. In seconds, you get enterprise-grade Wi-Fi that’s tough enough to handle any deployment, and smart enough to get out of your way so you can focus on what you do best.


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