Sonance understands your sense of audio discernment and design style. That’s why we create products with elegant design and technological distinction.

It’s your space.

Create your atmosphere.

Sonance has solutions for nearly every use whether it’s multi-room audio, your home theater, the backyard and much more.

Multi-Room Audio

Let your music follow you wherever you go.

Create a different atmosphere in every room of your home. Classical in the bedroom, blues in the shower, ambient chill in the office.

Home Theater

With Sonance, the best movie experiences are not limited to the neighborhood theater.

Sonance creates home theater audio solutions that surpass commercial movie theater sound quality. Envelop yourself in dynamic power and stylized nuance. Family nights, movie screenings, romantic evenings. Prepare to impress.

Outdoor and Marine

Feel like dancing in the rain? Sonance creates weatherproof audio solutions that let you enjoy the outdoors. Deck parties, sailing lessons, garden soundscapes. Get inspired everywhere.

Multi-Dwelling Units

 Who says you can’t always get what you want? True luxury is having absolute control over your environment. Whether you are at your primary or secondary residence, you want it all. Experience the best in your home away from home. Sonance builds high performance speakers that fit into shared walls and shallow ceilings so you can enjoy the top-notch audio you are accustomed to. Enjoy life, without compromise.


With Sonance, you always make a good first impression. Let your music design enhance your customer experience and company atmosphere. Sonance engineers high performance speakers that deliver clarity and resolution even at low listening levels. Set the mood, enhance the ambience.