Our best picture. Ever.

Picture quality so lifelike it’s like looking through a window. Skin tones, lush landscape foliage and countless details come to life as the X-Reality™ picture engine optimizes the color, contrast and textures of each object individually. The X-Reality™ PRO engine adds unprecedented detail and delivers an infinitely broad spectrum of color by enhancing each scene, pixel by pixel, for our most true-to-life picture yet.

Entertainment way beyond cable.

Not all smart devices are created equal. Only Sony Internet TVs come with access to Sony Entertainment Network, Netflix®, YouTube™ and Hulu Plus™ where you can find thousands of movies, TV shows, online videos, games and music. Stay up to date with the latest apps for weather, Facebook®, Twitter® and more, all while you watch TV.

Truly Full 1080p HD delivers a level of brilliance and vivid detail that’s nothing short of astonishing — especially in jaw-dropping 3D. Slide on a pair of Sony Active 3D glasses (sold separately) and find yourself instantly transported to exotic locales alongside your favorite actors. Whether you choose to wow the family in 2D or 3D, decadently detailed Full HD is always a smash hit.

When you see kickoff at the stadium in real life, the ball doesn’t blur as it flies down the field. Why should it in your living room? Motionflow™ XR technology delivers clarity that keeps pace with the fastest athletes and sweeping camera movements so you can feel like you’re right there in the stands.

Tough, yet beautiful.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass is not only durable and lightweight, it boasts a beautiful frameless design that’s strong enough to withstand the bumps and bruises of everyday use. Paired with a Sony OptiContrast™ panel, it boosts clarity, contrast and brightness while minimizing unwanted reflections for the most enjoyable viewing experience imaginable.